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Mileage Report Spreadsheet
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Monthly Mileage Report

Stop spending hours and hours every year trying to justify the miles
that you're deducting on your income tax forms.

Driving for BusinessFor only $29.95 you can buy an Excel spreadsheet to track mileage tax deductions and business mileage reimbursements for you. "It's so organized and easy to use, you'll actually use it." In the United States, you can deduct 51 per mile for the total business miles you drive. Other countries have a similar amount. For many people, the Mileage Report Spreadsheet will pay for itself in a couple of months, and will continue to save money for many years.

It works with both Windows and MAC computers. You can print a professional mileage report, including colorful graphs, showing deductible amounts, number of miles, and numbers of trips monthly, quarterly, and annually. The handy mileage report and graphs are updated automatically every time you make an entry for a new trip or update the information for a trip already recorded.

Don't be afraid of tax auditors. Be prepared. Be professional.

Mileage Report Data PageCustomize reports with your name and the year, so you will have a one-page report at the end of the year for your tax records. Because of bad record keeping, many business people lose track of mileage expenses that they could have deducted from their income tax. Reduce your taxes by having proper documentation for your mileage deductions. Tax officials are watching expense reports closely for accuracy and completeness, and tax-deductible mileage must be documented properly to support deductions. Notes scribbled on scraps of paper and stuffed into a box do not impress tax auditors. Tax auditors will take you seriously if they see that you're using a computer program that's dedicated to tracking your business (and charitable/medical/moving) use of your cars.

Mileage ReportEnter start and end odometer readings and let the spreadsheet automatically calculate everything for you. Track trips for business, charitable, medical, moving, and other categories. Monthly entry forms let you specify mileage rate amount for each trip category. The Data page allows you to set whatever mileage rate you want and offers suggestions for each category.

The spreadsheet includes a help page and links to assorted online tax documents for US, UK, and Canada. You can expand the reference section by adding your own tax reference links, as needed. The help page gives easy instruction about how to add new links to your reference list. The full version includes a bonus page of mileage record slips you can print out and take with you on your trip to record your mileage.

Never lose mileage deduction information again.

Whether you're an entrepreneur who needs to keep complete and accurate business mileage information so you can maximize your income tax savings, a sales person who needs daily travel records to receive reimbursement for expense book submissions, or a volunteer who needs to keep track of charitable mileage for tax purposes, the Mileage Report Spreadsheet has the tools that you need. Stop losing money because you're not keeping complete and accurate records on the mileage that you're driving for work, medical appointment, and for charities. Order your copy now and start saving money today.

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This spreadsheet requires any version of MS Excel, Open Office Calc, or any software that opens, edits, and saves MS Excel spreadsheets. It works on both Windows and MAC computers, and contains no macros or custom functions.

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